Hello! My name is Sam McFerron, the man behind the music of Freejays. I'm from the small town of Neosho, Missouri, but I have big dreams. My sound is EDM that incorporates the flavors of movie scores--strings and piano. I like my lyrics to tell stories about broken people, and by the end of the song, I try to give them wings! That's the idea behind Freejays. Maybe you're a caged bird. Hopefully my music will help you feel a little more free.

Music found me at a very young age. I remember coming up with melodies in my back yard as a child and hearing a whole orchestra in my head. My mom recognized the spark and bought me seven years of piano lessons. During that time, I began writing my own songs, trying to develop a unique style. I studied the masters: Coldplay, Owl City, John Williams...My dad built me a recording booth in our basement, and before I new it, I was recording my first album (I owe so much to my parents!). In my latest single, "Home," I collaborated with Doug Weier, a producer from Chicago.

Currently, I'm working on a masters degree in creative writing and looking forward to much more music down the road. To keep in touch, sign up to my mailing list, and be sure to check out my YouTube page for more content.

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